Exclusive, possessing unsurpassed value things in our time become for self-respecting people more a need than a luxury. Transforming the ordinary into a unique, every day - into a holiday, we improve the world - a world, which is created to revolve around you! We exist in order that you do not have to be ashamed reached heights. Because be yourself - it's not a whim, but the rule. This is our Golden Rule.

Exclusive Royal Set Luxury Edition - Elite Laptop, Mouse, Flash Drive and President Phone      - 140 000 euro
Super Laptop Ferrari Gold Crocodile RM1, Gold Flash Drive 64gb 777 with Diamond ID, Nokia 8800 Arte Solid Gold 14k ST2

Exclusive Royal Set Luxury Edition - VIP Phone, Gold Flash Drive, Mouse, Bag, & Acs      - 69 000 euro
Apple iPhone 888 Stingray 3g Gold, Gold Flash Drive 777, Mouse, Bag & Acs Made of Stingray Leather

Exclusive Royal Set Luxury Edition - Elite Laptop, Mouse, Flash Drive and Gold Phone      - 95 000 euro
Super Laptop Ferrari Gold Crocodile GT5 with Mouse, Carbon Gold Flash Drive 2gb PT, Gold Samsung x820 18k SC5

Exclusive Royal Set Luxury Edition - Lux Phone, Flash Drive and Mouse      - 76 000 euro
Armani Gold Plated 24k PT with Diamond Id, Flash Drive Wild Bone Blackwood Silver Gilding, Black Lizard Skin Mouse

Elite set of KingZoom Python Leather and Other Exotics in the Same Style for Individual Orders
      - from 50 000 euro
Extreme Luxury Set of Exotic Leather - Phone Case, Bag, Briefcase, Wallet, Purse, Watch Strap, Belt, Key Ring, Flash Drive etc.


Exclusive Royal Set Luxury Edition - Phone, Mouse & Flash Drive      - 45 000 euro
Apple iPhone Solid Gold 14k Iguana 2G, USB Flash Drive 8gb Gold Sapphire Eyes, Mouse Gold 999 Gilding,


Exclusive Royal Set Luxury Edition - Super Laptop, Mouse & Flash Drive      - 89 000 euro
Exclusive Laptop Crocodile Ferrari LT4 with Kit Mouse and Gold 14k Flash Drive 8gb PT

Platinum VIP Sets with Personalization of the State Symbols of Any Country
      - from  90 000 euro
This set can be equipped with any number of products made in the same style of precious metals, gems, leather
Elite Set - Flash Drive, Watch, Mobile Case, Ring, Seal, Spoon, Lighter & Phone - VIP Customization by MJ

Gold set of the latest alloy of gold 777-carat with a unique fancy diamonds
      - 590 000 euro
In individual orders preparation and production of complete sets of any number of VIP products.
Luxury Customization of Solid Gold - Watch, Pens, Tie Clip, Cufflinks, Bust, Ring, USB Flash Stick by MJ

Unique Laptop, Mouse, Fur Stick, Purse & Bag Precious Edition      
- 110 000 euro
Extreme Luxury Kit K9 by MJ - All Made of Royal Leather Crocodile Porini
, Diamonds & Platinum Gold 777k

Presidential set of handmade white crocodile with the state symbols of the Russian Federation of a unique gold 777k      - 240 000 euro
In individual orders all species of colors and exotic leather inlaid with any logos, monograms and emblems of precious metals and gems..
President Kit - Laptop, Briefcase, Mouse, USB Flash Drive Key Ring, Smartphone with Diamond Id - Extreme Lux Customization by MJ

President kit of accessories made of precious materials
      - from 50 000 euro
Cufflinks, pens, watches, print, book, Lighter and other products with the emblem of Ukraine or any other symbols.
In individual orders any luxury items made of gold, platinum, diamonds, wood, exotic leather ...
Royal Kit - Handcrafted VIP Accessories - Extreme Luxury Customization by MJ


All exclusive collection kits are handcrafted on individual orders of
gold, diamonds, exotic leather and other luxurious materials.
VIP ELITE class products from MJ enjoy presidents, politicians,
stars of show business, as well as millionaires and successful entrepreneurs around the world.



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